About the Foundation

The Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung is a non-profit foundation based in Munich. Its purpose is the furtherance of art and culture, primarily via our own program of exhibitions and concerts.

The foundation actively and independently develops its own agenda. We collaborate with regional, national, and international partners. Funding projects are nominated and selected by the foundation itself. Please note that we do not accept funding applications.

Our Areas of Endeavor

  • With an exhibition profile encompassing graphic art and drawings, the Kunstfoyer is synonymous with intercultural dialog. Our success derives from working together with a large number of institutions. At the same time, every exhibition sets its own accents. Retrospectives provide deeper insights into the oeuvre of an individual artist or the mood of an epoch.
  • Our longstanding grants also include the prizes awarded by the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung, such as the Bayerischer Museumspreis and the Giesinger Kulturpreis.

Foundation Council

Prof. Dr. Frank Walthes, Chairman of the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung
Barbara Schick, Board member of the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung
Franz Kränzler, Board member of the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung
Wolfgang Reif, Board member of the Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung

Director and Business Director

Isabel Siben

Isabel Siben,
Administration / Director Kunstfoyer

Isabel Siben has curated the exhibition program at the Kunstfoyer since 2004. She is a member of ICOM (Int’l Council of Museums), DGPh (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photo­graphie) and the BJV (Bayerischer Journalisten-Verband). Isabel Siben is an alumna of Ludwig Maximilian University, where she studied art history and German language and literature, as well the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, where she studied art.